Visit the site to download the Canon Printer Driver and then proceed with the installation.

Downloading and Installing Canon Printer Driver

Learn more about installing the canon printer by following the step-by-step instructions. To know more about your printer model, visit the site Canon printers are one of the premium quality printers that are known for their versatile features.

Follow the simple instructions given below to install the Canon Printer Driver on your device:

  • - Begin the process by turning off the Canon printer.
  • - Now open the site to download the canon printer driver.
  • - Once the downloading is complete, tap twice on the set up file.
  • - It will most probably be in the ‘’Downloads’’ folder.
  • - You must be well aware that administrative rights are required to install or uninstall any software in Windows devices.
  • - A pop-up window will come up seeking your permission. Click on the ‘’OK’’ or ‘’Allow’’ to proceed with the canon printer driver installation process.
  • - Manually select the connection destination if you wish to use the Canon printer over a network.
  • - After that, click ‘’Cancel’’ option on the Connect Cable screen.
  • - A confirmation screen will come up, tap on the ‘’Yes’’ option.
  • - Then, go to the ‘’Select Printer Port’’ checkbox and select the ‘’Manual Selection’’ option.
  • - Then, select the appropriate port and tap on the ‘’Complete’’ option.
  • - Finally, restart your device to finalize the Canon printer driver installation.

Once you successfully install the Canon Printer Drivers, you must know how to utilize the various functions offered by Canon printers such as scanning, printing, and copying.

To know more about these processes, go through the guidelines given below:

How to Print using Canon Printer?

Start printing high-quality documents and photos from Canon printer by following the given set of instructions:

  • - Turn on the Canon printer.
  • - Open the paper input and output tray.
  • - Start loading the stack of A4 sheets into the input tray.
  • - If your downloading and installation is left, complete the process by visiting the site
  • - After that, launch the Printer Driver Setup window.
  • - Choose the ‘’Quick Setup’’ option.
  • - Now, choose the printing profile required for your print job from the ‘’Commonly used settings’’ option.
  • - You can modify certain settings like Media Type, Paper Size and any other thing from the ‘’Printing Preferences’’ option.
  • - Select the print quality as ‘’High’’, ‘’Standard’’ or ‘’Draft’’ as per your need.
  • - Tap on the ‘’Apply’’ option to finalize the canon printer setup.
  • - Finally, select the document that you would like to print and tap on the ‘’Print’’ option.
  • - The documents will start printing.
canon printer setup

How to Scan documents using Canon Printer?

Scanning is an effective approach to secure your important documents. With a Canon printer you can easily scan the documents and photos simply by downloading the IJ Scan Utility first.

  • - Turn on the Canon printer.
  • - If your printer model has a full feature driver version then it will already have the IJ Scan Utility or else download the IJ Scan Utility.
  • - Then, place the document on the scanner glass that you want to scan.
  • - If required, make some changes in the settings and get a preview of the scan.
  • - You can even set the scan resolution.
  • - Tap the Scan button on your printer.
  • - The scanned document will come up on your computer screen.
  • - You can start the Scan Utility if you don’t have the Scan button on your printer.
  • - After this, create a folder where you would like to save the scanned documents.
  • - Finally, tap on the ‘’Save’’ option.

How to Copy using a Canon Printer?

With a Canon printer, one can instantly copy documents by following the simple instructions given here.

  • - Switch on the Canon printer.
  • - Watch out for the quantity of sheets in the input tray. They must be sufficient enough to start the printing process.
  • - Now, place the document on the scanner glass that you want to copy.
  • - Then, click on the ‘’Copy’’ button.
  • - Choose the ‘’Color’’ button if you want a colored version or else click on the ‘’Black’’ button to keep your documents black and white.
  • - The Canon printer will start copying the documents.
  • - If required, you can modify the ‘’Copy settings’’ on the control panel of Canon printer.
  • - Finally, remove the copied documents from the output tray.


Q: How to resolve Canon printer paper jam problems?

A: One can apply the following steps to resolve this issue:

  • - Turn off the Canon Printer.
  • - Pull out the paper output tray and remove the papers.
  • - The papers could have been jammed inside the output tray.
  • - Now, open the ink cartridge access cover and see if any paper is stuck in the ink cartridge area.
  • - Carefully, pull out the jammed papers from the ink cartridge area.
  • - Don’t apply much force or else you will end up tearing the papers.
  • - When all the paper is removed from the printer, turn on the Canon printer.
  • - You can try printing a sample page just to be sure that the trouble is resolved.